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Sanatana Dharma Foundation would like to thank you for attending/registering for our 4th annual Hindu Unity Day 2011 on August 7th 2011. Please find the proceedings from the events below from our SDF youtube channel.

Dr Subramanyam Swamy speech on "Adharma of Corruption – Is there a Dharmic Solution ?”

Shri Tapan Ghosh speech on "Preserving Hindu Dharma in Bengal"
Kamal Kumar speech on “Plight of Hindu Temples”

Rajiv Malhothra speech on “Breaking India – External Intervention in India's fault-lines”
Coming Soon in SDF youtube channel

Photos from Hindu Unity Day 2011

are available here

Photo archives of previous year's events can be found at our picture gallery at


As part of Hindu Unity Day 2011, Sanatana Dharma Foundation also organized Hindu Youth Conference on Sunday, 8/14/2011 in the DFW Hindu Temple in Irving. The theme of the Youth conference was Seva. This was attended by youth, parents and some respected members of the society with extensive volunteering imbibed in their lives.

The Youth conference started off with a Panel Discussion with the subject "Seva is our Dharma". Youth, parents, guests and audience actively participated in this panel discussion. Seva as one of the core aspects of Dharma, ways to do seva, why do to seva and other points were discussed.

SDF also recognized the valuable seva done my Dr Naresh Gupta (GDAS Cancer Clinic), Rajesh Verma (Sewa International), Dr Arun Chandrakantan (SDF), Aparna Garg (Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh). For the extensive efforts to provide free treatment for the un-insured Cancer Patients, Dr Naresh Gupta was honored with the title "Seva Ratna".

During this conference,

Photos from Hindu Youth Conference are available here.



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