Diya sanskrit

Vision of Sanatana Dharma Foundation

The purpose and mission of Sanatana Dharma Foundation is to strengthen Hindus, Hindu Communities, Institutions and Society in the United States, India and the world – by

1. Promoting Research, Education and Awareness of Hindu issues and concerns

2. Facilitating Harmony and Unity  amongst Hindus and Hindu organizations, and enabling Collaborative Action

3. Clarifying, Preserving, Protecting and Strengthening the Hindu Identity, spanning its various Sampradayas (Ancient Traditions) represented by its Acharyas and Gurus (Hindu Saints deeply learned in the Hindu Scriptures)

4. Sponsoring Strategic Initiatives that are aimed at Strengthening Hindu Society, Hindu Institutions and People, especially its vulnerable sections in India

5. Positioning issues and concerns of Hindus in the World bodies and World Media, in such a way that representation of Hindu issues are fair, accurate credible and well.